We are an upcycling, non-harvesting company.

We do not go into the forests and cut down trees. Essentially we are upcycling what has already been taken down. Upcycling is the foundation we have built our company on. Upcycling, also known as creative reuse is the process of transforming useless, unwanted, or waste products into new materials or products of better quality and value. It is what we do and what we believe in.


We buy logs, slabs and reclaimed wood. We purchase whole logs from a variety of reputable loggers, mills, and private individuals around the country. In particular, we are always looking for rare and hard-to-find logs. Logs that are larger than what most mills will take? Yes! Disfigured, burled, scrap? Yes! Reclaimed barnwood? Yes!


We sell whole logs, custom cut slabs, standard cut slabs, specialty slabs and cookies and reclaimed wood. Our company has a wide selection of slabs to choose from. See our complete inventory on our ‘Inventory’ page. We sell what you are looking for, whether it is whole logs, standard cut or custom cut slabs, kiln drying services as well as transport services.


Pre and Post-Kiln wood is available for purchase. Once our logs have airdried, we slab to a standard 12/4″ thickness so they can continue to dry. You can purchase slabs at a reduced pre-kiln dried rate. Or the slabs can continue through our process and be kiln-dried. Wood from the Pacific Northwest is shipped to our Marysville, OH sawmill for further processing, including kiln-drying. We kiln-dry, cut to spec and ship or deliver to our customers.


Our goal is 100% satisfaction. We offer slabs in custom order sizes, as well as mill standard sizes: 12/4, 8/4, 4/4 thickness. Most of our orders are custom orders for a wide variety of needs. We work with home builders, furniture makers, cabinet makers, flooring companies, hobbyists, farmers, etc. We strive to mill our wood to your specifications, whatever they may be. Once we have finished your order, we ship or deliver to our customers.


Our company Trusted Transport delivers orders over $5,000 anywhere in the continental USA. Orderes below that, can be picked up at our sawmill, or we can ship via a 3rd party transportation company. We look for the most competitive prices and safest shipping methods to get your order to you safely and efficiently.


Our sister site, Maple Cross Marketplace is an e-commerce site featuring southwestern, rustic, industrial & vintage gifts, home decor & furniture. We also advertise our very best slabs and cookies for purchase.

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