Sawmill Gallery

Below are a few pictures of logs, slabs and cookies, along with a few finished projects completed by some of our clients, showcasing the beauty of our inventory. Get your inspiration here….

Ancient Chocolate and Red Cedar

These logs were acquired in a private sale from a retired sawyer that got them out of the Yakima Forest 30+ years ago.

Bird’s Eye Maple Burl

The burliest maple we’ve ever seen!

Old Growth Maple

We have tens of thousands of board feet of old growth maple, including spalted, straight, big leaf, bird’s eye, quilted, tiger, burl, etc.

Old Growth Maple

We have tens of thousands of board feet of old growth maple available for sale.

Ancient Cedar Log

Our ancient cedar logs are approximately 1000 years old and measure around 5+ feet in diameter.

Old Growth Maple Log

All of our old growth maple comes from the Pacific Northwest.

Old Growth Maple Logs

These old growth maple logs show how much burl there is.

Ancient Cedar Log

This ancient cedar log is one of our biggest.  It is about 25 feet long.

Old Growth Maple Log

Another example of our old growth maple logs.

Maple Logs waiting for a new home

These maple logs are full of figure and burl!

Maple Logs ready for transport!

These maple logs are loaded and ready for transport back to Ohio

A Stack of our Redwood Logs

Redwood logs are stacked and ready to go…

Shiplap Alcove

Our reclaimed wood can be left in its original state or planed to bring the true colors of the wood out.

Old Growth Redwood

The grain in this old growth redwood slab is going to stand out beautifully when finished.

Burl Maple

This highly figured bird’s eye maple burl is going to be turned into a bar top.