Sawmill Gallery

Included below are pictures of finished projects completed by our clients and beautiful pieces that have already sold.  Get your inspiration here….

Shiplap Alcove

Our reclaimed wood can be left in its original state or planed to bring the true colors of the wood out.

Old Growth Redwood

The grain in this old growth redwood slab is going to stand out beautifully when finished.

Burl Maple

This highly figured bird’s eye maple burl is going to be turned into a bar top.

MCS Sign

We can create almost any sign or design you want.  Contact us for details.

Old Turned New

This old desk was sanded down, leaving some of the white paint to give it a vintage look, and the top refinished to bring out the wood’s true color. 

Ancient Cedar

This 1000+ year old cathedral grain ancient red cedar is going to be turned into a table top.